Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Laos Immigration

In today’s global economy, many organizations can benefit from the expertise of foreign nationals. Lao Premier can help these organizations obtain legal permission to bring these individuals to Laos. As Immigration Law ranks second to Tax Law in complexity and requires considerable time to meticulously comb through the fine details of each case, businesses and individuals worldwide consult us for professional advice and services related to compliance with Laos immigration laws. As a result of our direct relations with the Laos government immigration office, we are able to cut through the complex maze of immigration red tape so that companies and corporations can hire international talent more quickly, confidently and painlessly.

Key Benefits of Lao Premier Services include:
- Eliminating delays due to incorrect/incomplete immigration forms;
- Saving time via Lao Premier’s tested and streamlined immigration process;
- Shifting your energies to real HR/company tasks;
- Increasing your productivity and talent pool; and
- Removing the constant workload off your shoulders.